Our Process

When we meet you for the first time, we meet someone who is going to play an integral role in building their custom home. We consider this venture a “partnership” and want you to feel like your suggestions and opinions matter throughout the process. During our initial meeting, we will discuss what feeling and "quality of life" elements you want for your custom home and work together as a team to devise ways to achieve those goals.

Choosing the Design

We begin the process by suggesting floor plans that will suit the various needs that you have expressed. You may have already found a design that pleases you or may want to browse through some of the plans that are in our library that meet your criteria. We also have a design team that can take your vision from a sketch on a notepad all the way to plans for your dream home. We may suggest ways to modify the home plan so that it achieves the optimal quality and design for the cost and best meets your needs and expectations.


A&M Building and Contracting, Inc. carefully selects which trade partners we recommend to our clients. Our in-house Designer will seamlessly bring your ideas to life. As this happens we will guide you through the design process and will help you refine your evolving vision.


Understanding the stages of the building process and the essential elements of your construction project will save you time and money. View the chronological listing of the various stages of construction in the downloadable Worksheet below.