When building a home there are many things to consider. One of the most important things to think about is your lifestyle and how your new home will improve the function of your family's everyday routine. Here's some important questions to consider when designing your home.

What rooms would you want?

Which ones are essential? Which ones are most important to your lifestyle? Are there any you could do without if necessary?

How much total square footage must you have?

How much square footage is too much? How much square footage would be too little?

What keywords describe your vision of the home?

Snug, cozy? Spacious? Natural looking? Contemporary? Elegant? Striking Unique?

What activities will take place in individual spaces and particular rooms? Do you want a house plan that includes interesting features?

Nooks & crannies or special room details? Or do you like straightforward simplicity?

Is there some historical style that you are enthusiastic about?

Craftsman, Colonial, Mission, Tudor, Queen Ann, Country French, English?

Do you prefer an open floor plan or a series of clearly separated spaces? Are there any medical problems that should be considered in the design?

Such as difficulty climbing stairs or hallways being wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair?

What furniture must be accommodated?

Do you have furniture, art, or equipment?Are there future needs for these?

Are you planning for resale?

Do you find it desirable to design for unknown future inhabitants?

How much maintenance do you want to concern yourself with? Do you spend your time indoors or outdoors?

Do insects bother you? Do you object to insect screens? Do you enjoy gardening? Do you cook or eat outdoors often?

Do you like broad expanses of glass, or smaller units that breakup the wall space and provide more enclosure? What are your standards regarding workmanship?

Perfection? Give a little here and there? Are interior finishes more important to you that plumbing, electrical, ect?

Do you prefer natural or artificial lighting in the home?